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Multiple Choice in an Essay World


The Challenge....


If you blink today, you have missed the latest technological advancess with regard to platforms, devices, software programs, and content delivery channels.  Everyone is throwing around the words "21st Century Skills" as if that will be the answer.  And, of course, it is the answer; because, learning should match child development and life relavancy.  But, educators know that.  The challenge is essentially two-fold:

  • We don't need to throw the baby out with the bath waterContent is critical.  It is the foundation needed for critical thinking to take place originally.  Columbus missed the boat in terms of where he thought he was.  That will never change.  Why we need to know that is also important, if presented in a relevant manner.  That will never change.  Educators have been trained in content and that is still important
  • Content alone, however, is not enough.  Our educational system has been teacher-centered, as the primary content delivery source, for thousands of years.  That simply doesn't work anymore.  Students are not challenged with regard to using technology.  We are. Students not only use technology every day: they do so at increasingly younger ages.  Today's students expect to participate in content creation and delivery.  The challenge that exists today is how to faciliate that process when educators are not trained in those technologies.  The challenge, also, is that students may understand the technology; but, they don't necessarily understand critical thinking or the process of content integration, collaboration, etc.  Simply understanding the tools is not enough. 

There must be a bridge... 


We can no longer hope that we, as educators, can acquire the technological knowledge quickly enough to make our content delivery relevant.  We are now a global society that requires real-life skills that we haven't been trained in: true collaboration with other cultures and societies, social and emotional literacy, personal literacy, physical and health literacy, cyberliteracy and cyber safety, ecoliteracy, media literacy, and social/emotional literacy.  There are educators and professionals trained in these areas.  The problem: they've been trained in isolation of each other.  What is required is a platform for integrating these literacies into a lesson plan or process that uses the latest, and most appropriate, technologies available.  That is the challenge.  We need a bridge.  We think we've created one.


Closing the gap.... 


There used to be a division of teaching responsibilities: the teachers taught core content and parents taught social and moral values, work ethic, etc.  And, our world moved on.  We are a global family, now, and that requires other skills.  These skills are falling between the cracks because of a fundamental lack of knowledge around content integration using technological tools that facilitate that process.  Our students are less engaged because how they are learning in their world today does not match how they are learning in school settings....or, at home for that matter.  That would be like teaching someone football strategies for a soccer match.  We have to close that gap and we have to do it now.


The solution....  


We believe that educators want to excel at teaching.  We believe that parents want to help their children grow into the best that they can be.  We also believe that we cannot wait for adults to catch up with their kids and students who understand other strategies that are more relevant to their lives as local, national, and global citizens.


We belive the solution is to:

  • provide a platform that does not require educators and parents to know, or even understand, the tools that kids are so proficient in.  Instead, we belive that we need to provide a new paradigm possibility by providing educators and parents with lesson plans, activities, and other tools that already include these technologies.   You do not have to rediscover gravity to use it.  You just have to know that it exists.  We have provided a platform for educators and parents to shift their focus, use the tools, and guide the process so that students can re-engage...with enthusiasm.
  • provide a learning environment that puts all of the tools at everyone's disposal - all in one place.  Emagine-Nation™ provides that environment and infrastructure.  No matter what a student, teacher, or parent may need to be successful in their roles, we have anticipated, and provided, the tools necessary to bring it all together in real time, with real tools, requiring only basic information about the tools themselves.  Educators and parents can do their job and students will find that learning to be relevant to their lives.  It's a win win situation.

If you're tired of...  

  • the stress of knowing that you are supposed to be doing something else, as an educator
  • the stress of knowing that you are supposed to be teaching your children something else to help them in life, as a parent
  • the stress of knowing that you are supposed to be guiding the process, as an administrator
  • the stress of knowing that you should be helping; but, you don't know what to do, as a business owner, corporate executive, product developer, media outlet, etc.

Then, you will be excited to know...that, the world of your Emagine-Nation.com™ is here!


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