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About Us

Emagine-Nation.com has been developed by school psychologists, mental health counselors, teachers, parents, and coaches.  Eight years in research, design, and development, we are proud to annnounce the upcoming launch of an exciting new virtual world called Emagine-Nation.com.  Filled with activities, games, Campus Store, virtual academy, social networking features, and member Club House with over 12 cool club rooms, Emagine-Nation.com is unparalled in features, functions, learning opportunities disguised as fun, and so much more. 

Emagine-Nation™ features two different designs.  In both worlds, students earn digital currency, virtual goods and services, customize their avatars, collaborate on creative projects, play over 1200 games and activities, journal their thoughts, enter contests, and so much more.


Emagine-Nation features two designs.  This one appeals to pre-school and elementary students.





This one, also designed by award-winning digital artists, appeals to teens, and college-aged students alike. 





If you can , it's there!


Bay Centre, Inc. and Emagine2Technologies

Emagine2Technologiesm is a division of Bay Centre, Inc., a Florida-based corporation.  Bay Centre's staff represents some of the leading school psychologists, educators, mental health counselors, and coaches in the educational field.  We have worked with students of all ages, parents, and familes for over 30 years.  We have designed, and helped to remediate, thousands of students with skill deficits as well as helped to design a gifted curriculum.  We have incorporated multiple modalities to facilitate maximum success across all learning styles.  Simply put, we understand students: the environment they work in, play in, and live in.



Eight years ago, we realized that there were plenty of virtual worlds to play in.  What was missing, we felt, was a learning focus for students that recaptured their imaginations, creativity, and desire to connect in ways beyond chatting and hanging out.  These days, kids come pre-wired for technology.  They understand it and they love it.  We believe, strongly, that kids should be given the opportunity to learn, and thrive, in that environment.  So, we created Emagine-Nation.com for their pleasure and for their learning experience!


We are contacting you because we have specifically targeted companies who understand, and participate, in bringing the very best products, services, and opportunities to students, families, and educators.  We appreciate you taking the time to review our Marketing and Sales Site and discussing with us how you can participate in this adventure.  Please be sure to follow our launch.


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