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Bay Centre, Inc.

Bay Centre, Inc. has spent over 30 years helping children, parents, families, and educators. We are dedicated to the concept that the process of learning is the true mission of education; that multiple intelligences and literacies are required for academic and life success; and that curiosity and imagination are the doorways best left open.



Why we created Emagine-Nation.com.

Eight years ago, we asked a powerful question:  "How do we take what we know about child development, educational psychology, learning principles, and gaming technology and put it together into a fun and engaging 21st century learning site available to global kids of all ages?"   The answer to this question has led us on a rich and interesting journey.  We have made an exhaustive study of:

  • safety and security issues facing kids and parents everywhere
  • top security and parental control software
  • privacy concerns in social media
  • virtual and digital curriculum
  • top virtual worlds for kids, including those claiming to be learning sites
  • 21st century skills and multiple literacies
  • brick-and-mortar and online education
  • top educational technology sites and software
  • social media tools, products, and use for kids, parents, and in education
  • cultural and universal principles

And, what did we find?

We found that kids everyone are the same....that they come into this world pre-wired for learning, open, and curious, all with the personal and cultural assumption of safety.  And, we reconfirmed for ourselves that our mission is to see that these inalienable rights are preserved and protected.  We are not the only people, or company, dedicated to this cause.  But, we are one company that has spent an enormous amount of money and resources to provide a virtual world and browser that is a visual marvel; that provides as safe and secure an infrastructure that could possibly be created;  that provides content that is age relevant, engaging, and fun; and that provides an expanisive selection of 21st century technology tools for homework and classroom projects.


Join us!

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  We hope that you will take the time to find out why we are qualified as creators of Emagine-Nation.com and the Emagic8r; how we've designed a safe and secure learning site for kids; and how we've created social networking features that kids can use for learning and fun.








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