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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back often as we are continually looking to expand our knowledge base based on our members' questions.


What is Emagine-Nation.com?

We are a virtual suite of products that includes a virtual world, kid-friendly search engine, secure browser and social network site, Campus Store, and virtual Playground.


What age of child is it designed for?

We have two versions: 0 - 12 years and 13 and up..  We also have loads of content for educators and parents so we like to say it's for kids of all ages!


Who designed and developed it?

It was designed and developed by a team of school psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, certified educators, and life and academic coaches.


Does it cost anything to register or join?

There is an initial $3.00 fee charged at the time of registration for COPPA compliance with regard to verifiable parent identification and to perform an identity and predator check. Once we complete the verification process, membership is completely free. Children can talk to Emagin-Nation.com staff and to their parents. However, if they want to talk to each other, they must purchase the social networking module for $7.95 per month. The social networking features allow kids to chat, share, work together, and take part in other types of networking features.


What do I get for my membership?

You get access to all of Emagine-Nation.com's rooms, the playground, thousands of safe games and videos, the secure browser, the safe search, the Project Wizard Room, loads of content, kid-friendly and safe social networking, and lots of proprietary tools, such as the electronic backpack. 


What is really great is that, over the next 12 months, we will be introducing a lot of other rooms and tools to the site as we move past our inaugurial launch.  And, here's the great part - YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY ADDITIONAL FEES FOR ALL THE UPGRADES! 


Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Absolutely, though we don't think you'll ever want to.  Just log into your account and let us know.


What kinds of updates will I be getting for free over the next year?

We will be launching a full Virtual Club House with special rooms to play in.  We will also be launching proprietary tools such as 8 journals (health, homework, pets, adventures, family, and more), an immunization record that updates parents virtually, professional calendar to book appointments with professionals (school psychologists, teachers, academic dean, etc.), online social clubs, social networking for parents and teachers, personal space called MyLocker, electronic allowance and reward system, and so much more.  


When will I need to put in my credit card or Pay Pal information?

Upon registration, you will be expected to pay $3.00 to verify your identity and for us to run an identity and predator check.  You will be charged the $3.00 immediately. Or, if you decide to sign your child up for the social networking module, you will be charged $7.95 (monthly recurring) or $21.47 (3 month plan) or $40.55 (6 month plan) or $76.32 (annual pre-pay for largest discount).


What are Tribets?

Tribets are Emagine-Nation.com's online currency.  They can be used to customize your avatars, your private rooms, and purchase other kinds of digital goods and services.


What security and safety measures have you instituted within the site?

Our safety and security features begin with a predator and identity check EVERY time a member logs on.  Other social networking (module add-on) features include safe search, moderation of chat and group chat rooms, site monitoring, parental reporting (including where your child has searched and been, how long on each site, who they have interracted with, who has reached out to them, approval of all friend and chat requests, link blocking from within websites being reviewed, safe videos (videos embedded - with YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine, most kids use YouTube to navigate the web unprotected), password and encryption, and more.  Parents assign the security level; and, based on that decision, will determine where and how their kids can navigate the web.  And, parents will answer very simple questions to make those choices without needing a master's degree to understand!


Why is Emagine-Nation.com's social networking more safe than other social networks?

We all know that kids don't always understand the stranger danger that predators pose on the internet.  Our social networking includes friend request approval by the parents, file and sharing (photos, videos, and files) approved by moderators and parents, and the inability to post personal information on the wall.


Will my child or I have to look at a lot of pop-up ads on the pages?

Absolutely not!  We have created a proprietary way to display our partners' information on the site.  We have a rotating billboard that is found on each page of the window that our members are looking at that does not pop up while viewing content.  Partners, sponsors, and advertisers are paired with appropriate rooms and add value to the page by representing tools, products, or content pertinent to that room or page. 


What makes your site so different?

We have spent 8 years talking to kids, parents, and educators about the challenges and needs that they have as it relates to supplementing the creative, social, and educational system in place today.  And, we've spent many thousands of hours figuring out how to keep kids from "getting around the restrictions" that a lot of sites impose.  Simply put, "they can't get there from here" and we want it that way.  IF they need to look at a site that hasn't been identified as a safe site as of yet, they simply hit the panic button and send a communication to their parent.  The parent can review the site or content and instantly grant permission to white list the site or content.  It's that simple!  So, we say that our site grows with the child and is customized, specifically, to the members' own needs and desires. We focus on education and learning, creativity and curiousity, and member engagement through relevant learning.  We have assembled the greatest amount of technological tools all in one place.  If you can think it, it's here!



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