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About Paul Woodward



Lead Graphic Artist


Bay Centre, Inc. and Emagine2Technologies commissioned Paul in 2006.  It was one of the best decisions that we've ever made.  Paul's graphic designs, image and site consultations, and continued creative genius has served to propel our virtual world and kid-safe browser into the visual marvel it is today.  Paul continues to work with us as we complete the project.  In fact, we cannot envision the project without him! 


Paul Woodward's Bio:

Paul Woodward was born in 1969 and originally trained as a musician, playing piano and keyboards in various semi-professional bands, wine bars and as a session musician.

He then trained as an artist and completed a degree in 3D Design before taking his first role as an educator as a teacher of Design and Technology.  Paul is now a well qualified teacher having a PGCE in Further Education, Qualified Teacher Status for the Secondary Sector, a Masters Degree in Educational Research, 15 years experience as an Examiner and Moderator for the AQA and over 20 years of successful teaching in a variety of state and independent schools. 

Paul established envision-imaging to provide computer visualisations and illustrations to industry and this led to continued use of the 3D program 'trueSpace' which he still uses to produce most of his digital artwork. In a strange twist of fate, Paul was also commissioned to design the icons and the user interface for trueSpace 7 which was then bought by Microsoft Corporation and has since been downloaded by almost 1 million users.

12 years ago he decided to write an illustrated book for his young daughter but he enjoyed the process so much he wrote a few more. The collection grew and has now grown into a wide range of books featuring lovable characters and stories that will amuse both adults and children alike. Over time, Buddy World transformed from a paper based book project to a unique internet based experience and the website www.buddyworldbooks.com was officially launched in July, 2008.

Paul continues to work as a school teacher and is continuing to develop the Buddy World site and range of digital titles. The books themselves are selling well in the itunes store and through Barnes and Nobles nook reader. He also undertakes commissions for digital design and illustrations as well as graphics and logo work for private clients. 




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