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About Zachary Humway

Zachary Humway

Graphic Artist


Bay Centre, Inc. and Emagine2Technologies commissioned Zachary to assist with our older version of our virtual world  Zachary is considered a digital artist with his skill at making artistic images, with an almost painted look to them. With no trace of the "cold" look that can often haunt a rendered image, Zachary sets out to tell stories and impart messages with his artwork. 


Discovering 3D

Everyone is different in how they discover 3D and how they can use it.  "I was forced into computer graphics when I went to work for KAIT-TV in Jonesboro, AR in 1998." Zachary told us. "I had very little experience but quickly learned what exactly Photoshop was and what it meant for television producers."  "I used it primarily for full-screen CG. A small gig I had at the time was a 30 second spot called 'What's the Word.' It was a commercial of sorts that picked a 'word of the week,' defined it and gave meaning to it."  "One day I didn't have time to go out and shoot for the program, so I opted for an in-house production. I stumbled onto Bryce 4 on the graphics computer and started whipping out animations within an hour or two. It left a very memorable impression on me...one that would come back to me about 2 years afterwards when I saw that same software in a catalogue." 


"Style is extremely important to me as an artist. I think we all struggle at some time or another with "making the piece our own." In order to give each of my pieces a "hands-on" feel, I incorporate a good deal of matte painting in Photoshop. Put shortly, I apply layers over each render and do some good, old fashioned painting. Depending on what I want to bring out, I'll use different blending modes: For atmospheric (volumetric) lighting effects, I'll use "soft light." For shadows, "multiply." I also use "overlay" liberally to help unify colors/palettes as well as enhancing lighting in the scene. It's been described as "painterly," and that's just what it is!  At heart, I'm a lover of light and atmosphere, and I adore how it can react with the 3d world you've created for yourself. My object is usually not one of photorealism, but a sense of "Hyper-reality." I think it's that surrealism that makes it all so much more interesting."   


"Inspiration is an absolute MUST nowadays. In my past, I could simply sit down and do any little thing my heart desired. As it stands today, I absolutely MUST have something that 'needs to be said.' All of us, as 3d artists, are fascinated/inspired to exceed our grasp with each new render. For me, it's often been the idea of expressing a universal thought with a single snapshot from my brain."  " This challenge keeps me focused with every piece I develop. This is also the reason I never save models or specifically created textures from any given artpiece. I believe each should stand alone...and that is why I take great pride in deleting all project files after each piece is completed! Like us, I feel ideas come from dust and return to dust. The buddhists call this intemperance...I call it 'the condition of being.' " 


"I'm deeply concerned that society as a whole views computer art as shallow, or simply 'not art at all.' There's a collective notion that the computer does all the art, and the artist simply boots up the computer and lets it work for them. Of course, we all know this to be false. As far as technique, expression and form, the digital artist is every bit as adapt as Dali or Kahlo in his/her own right. I see digital art, respectively, as equal as any medium...and only a select few can truly make it shine."  


"Because my second major was English, a good deal of literary devices color each and every one of my artworks. I'm steeped in the tradition of symbolism, foreshadowing and storytelling in general. To the best of my ability, I try to incorporate that same tradition into every thing I produce. The quickest way to realize this is to examine the title of each piece and ask 'how does it relate to what I am seeing?' " 


"My advice to others would be - 'have fun.' The worst pieces I've ever produced are the ones I've tried too dang hard on!"  "Above all, have fun...everything else is secondary." 


Taken from interview posted on http://www.caligari.us/Products/trueSpace/tS75/Brochure/illustrator_case_study3.asp



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