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Who knew...
  • that the world would change so very much?    
  • that we would be asked to teach in technologies we weren't trained for?
  • that we would be expected to teach the test because our livelihoods depended on it?
  • that technology would change so radically with no signs of slowing up?
  • that parents would be so busy?
  • that the paradigm would shift this much?


         "In this world of digital natives, where we are the digital immigrants, we

          are asked to do more with less.  And, we don't live by excuses.  We get up

          every day and do what we can, as best we can. Is anyone paying attention...

          ...we cannot do this by ourselves."   

                                     -Jeanine, 5th grade teacher      



We can help!

We have created links and resources, toolkits, features, and content for you to use in your classrooms.  We have provided personal tools, as well, for you to keep up in today's fast-paced world.  You can track your CEU's, find online educational programs for self-development, find homework activities, and more.


Educator Membership is available to all qualified educators.  We know what you do and how hard you work.  And, we know how much you contribute out of your own pocket on the behalf of your students.  Let us help by providing you with resources for a very minimal cost.








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