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Take Emagine-Nation.com with you wherever you go!

  • Create your own customized Emagine2Go flashdrive!
  • Use the flashdrive on any computer!
  • Take what you've earned and customized with you wherever you go!

Full-featured, kid-safe flash drive!

The Emagic8r gives your child the gift of their Emagine-Nation anywhere, anytime (..more)

Grows with the child!

As children get older, our environment and content grows with them.  We have taken the guesswork (..more)

Campus Store with thousands of items!

We have selected the top product lines in the world.  You will be able to shop with secure pleasure (..more)

Extreme safety!

Provides a more secure, identity and predator verified, and always (..more)

Safe, secure web browsing!

We have selected thousands of safe, secure sites that are age approprate (..more)

Electronic Allowance and Reward System!

Enjoy the app-like experience of working with your child to earn (..more)

Provides an affordable membership model!

There is never a question about the latest version, enhanced services (..more)

Thousands of games and activities!

We have identified thousands of learning and fun games and (..more)

Fun Tools and virtual goods and services!

If a student needs it, we've thought about it.  We bring you the latest (..more)

Enhanced customizations!

We offer enhanced customizations to our overall product offerings (..more)

Safe and engaging social networking for kids!

With the Emagic8r you know that your child can chat with his/her friends (..more)

Journals, logs, and diary!

From fitness to private thoughts, to gratitude....we have created attractive and interactive tools for your (..more)

Parents love Emagine-Nation.com because their kids can surf, play games, watch videos, and more in a safe and secure way.  Kids love Emagine-Nation.com because they can have fun, engage their friends and classmates, earn rewards, customize their avatar and world, and use the tools and features to learn, do, and share their homework.  Teachers love Emagine-Nation.com because we've provided an enormous amount of resources, links, forms, and products for educators to use in the classroom and in their own professional development.  We love Emagine-Nation.com because we know that our members are being provided a virtual experience whose focus is on education and learning.  We have endeavored to integrate fun and learning within a cool, visual, and exciting virtual environment.  Give your child the gift of their Emagine-Nation.com!



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