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Introducing the Emagic8r, a fun, safe, kid-friendly browser and the gateway to the virtual world of your Emagine-Nation.com.
  • One world, two experiences!
  • Thousands of games, videos, activites, and more!
  • Campus Store with thousands of items!
  • Virtual Treehouse and Virtual Academy!
  • Earn rewards.  Customize your avatar and rooms!


When we started desiging Emagine-Nation.com, eight years ago, we asked ourselves, "What does a student need to have in order to do anything required of them, as a student, and how can we put all of that under "one roof?"  Well, we think we did it and did it well!  Now, we offer you a membership model that gives your children access to every feature we could think of.  From social networking, to virtual goods and products, to a virtual academy, to a campus store, to extreme safety, and more, we put it all under two simple price plans.  And, guess what?  We also threw in all kinds of fun, engaging games, videos, and activities on top of all the student features!


Membership / Support Plans  
Membership Items Standard Premium
  7 Day Free Trial Yes Yes
  User Accounts Up to 2 kids Up to 5 kids
  Upgrades Always Included Yes Yes
  Standard Features    
  - Safe Internet Browsing with the Emagic8r Yes Yes
  - Safe Social Networking Yes Yes
  - Safe Email and Chat Messaging Yes Yes
  - Safe Internet Search Yes Yes
  - Standard Accout Monitoring Yes Yes
  - Content Filtering and Program Blocking Yes Yes
  - Standard Parental Controls / Activity Reporting / Usage Controls Yes Yes
  - Standard Support Yes Yes
  - Standard Avatar Customization Yes Yes
  - Build Your Own Rooms and Walls Yes Yes
  - Thousands of Fun Games and Videos Yes Yes
  - Access to Campus Store Yes Yes
  - Earn Rewards and Enter Contests Yes Yes
  - Join Online Clubs Yes Yes
  - Access to Parent and Teacher Social Communities Yes Yes
  Premium Features    
  - Enhanced Account Monitoring and Reporting   Included
  - Enhanced Parental Controls and Allowance System   Included
  - Enhanced Support   Included
  - Premium Avatars, Rooms, and Trading   Included
  - Premium Videos and Games   Included
  - Start Your Own Clubs   Included
  - My Blackboard Educational Suite   Included
  - First Access to New Features   Included
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