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Introducing the Emagic8r, a fun, safe, kid-friendly browser and the gateway to the virtual world of your Emagine-Nation.com.
  • One world, two experiences!
  • Thousands of games, videos, activites, and more!
  • Campus Store with thousands of items!
  • Virtual Treehouse and Virtual Academy!
  • Earn rewards. Customize your avatar and rooms!

Introducing Emagine2Go...our customized flashdrive that lets you take your Emagine-Nation.com anywhere you go!

When you register your child for membership in Emagine-Nation.com, you will be given the option to add on a customized flash drive that has the Emagine-Nation.com software on it.  This unique flashdrive has the Emagine-Nation.com design on one side and your child's customized avatar, created at registration, on the other side, along with a place for their log-in and password information so they won't forget it.


Emagine2Go is a fun device that your child will enjoy hanging around their neck or carrying in their pocket.  It will be something that they show off to their friends and that will keep them engaged in learning wherever they go or wherever they are. 


Don't miss out on giving them the gift of Emagine-Nation anywhere, anytime, on any Windows-based device!



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