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For Kids Only!

  FINALLY!!  A browser just for you that even your parents can trust.


What's different about this browser?  You.  Our teachers and educators.  Your parents.  And, our experience.  We have assembled the best educators, parents, and other professionals to create a fun, safe browser that focuses on having fun while learning.  Who said that learning isn't fun?  Not kids.  Not you.  You know that learning is all that you do - every day, in every situation, in and out of school.  What's different about this browser?  We have designed a safe environment that lets you take control of your internet experience.  You can:

  • surf safely in a way that even your parents can support
  • customize your world, avatars, rooms, and more
  • play thousands of fun games
  • watch thousands of kid-friendly videos
  • tag and share your favorite....everything
  • see who's online and meet new members
  • network and share (8 and older)
  • check your messages
  • enter contests
  • collect and earn points and cash in on your rewards
  • speak out on topics of interest
  • have access to millions of kid-friendly sites - content that YOU want to see

What's different about this browser?  It's all about our focus.  Our focus is on learning while you have fun.  We know you're curious.  We know you love to have fun.  We know you love to share what you learn, what you create, and what you experience.  We have provided a world where you can do just that.


And, if that wasn't enough?  We will be launching an entire World of Emagine-Nation.com!!  Shortly, after the full browser launch, we will be bringing you new features, products, and rooms every month.  We cannot even begin to tell you what you'll be able to do in your World.  Download the free browser...it's the first step in having your very own World of Emagine-Nation.


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