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It has never been more true: kids, today, are the same as they always have been; and, yet, are also so very different.  The world has changed and what it takes to be successful has also changed.  To be prepared, today, kids must navigate a cyber world where safety is a primary concern and connection is achieved through technological tools that most adults don't understand or can't use. 


The developers of Emagine-Nation.com have spent seven years designing a site that offers a full suite of products that specifically achieve unparalleled safety, entertainment geared toward learning, and collaborative tools that put the world at kids' fingertips.  Emagine-Nation.com features the Emagic8r, a kid-friendly, safe browser; a virtual world and playground; a virtual academy with a visual environment that you have to see to believe; a campus store; and so much more.  Join us in making a difference.  Together we can bring 21st century skills in an engaging way to the kids of today.



Sponsorship Opportunities

As an Emagine-Nation.com sponsor, you will be provided with a vast array of customized, co-branding options that bring our world to your users with your look.  We have spent years designing and developing our visual learning environment.  In the blink of an eye, it can become yours.  Click the button for more information and bring your world to kids, parents, and educators in a way never thought possible.



Web Advertising

We provide custom solutions that can help put your brand and product in front of millions of children, parents, educators, and other professionals at just the right time in just the right way.  Click for more information and see for yourself the unique ways in which we provide advertising solutions.



Affiliates, Email Marketing, & More

Getting your product or service in front of anyone can be a challenge.  We've provided distribution channels that provide unique and exciting ways to do just that.  Our services include email blasts, content integration, affiliate product agreements, and many more ways to engage your customers and our members.  Learn how we can build your brand or launch your next product by clicking on the button below.






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