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  Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Emagine-Nation.com creates partnerships.  Here is a list of those opportunities.  And, don't forget, if you don't see the opportunitiy you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at partners@emagine-nation.com.


Content and Section Sponsorships:

We offer exclusive placements on a specific section of our site or email as well as custom-skinned branding.  Click here for more details and examples.



Exclusive ad units around a game, activity, or a "sponsored by" entitlement to a new game or activity experience.


Online Events:

Sponsor or introduce an event.  Future events will include - TV and Radio as well as video conferences, meet-ups and Twitter Parties.


Season or Holiday:

Sponsor a specific holiday event or email blast.



These contests can range from Emagine-Nation.com branded contests to a fully customized, co-branded contest with submissions and judging.


Custom Concepts:

High-impact, original programs designed and developed for you and your customers.


Buyers Guide, eBooks, eNewsletters:

Enables readers to go from a review that they are reading at Emagine-Nation.com directly to your site. 


Feature Articles:

Each quarter, Emagine-Nation.com's editors take an indepth look at a topic of interest to parents and teachers.  You can place your targeted message adjacent to our high impact content.  An Editorial Calendar is provided for advance content development.


Monthly Review Feature:

Each month, Emagine-Nation.com's editors select a category for reviews and comparative ratings by teams of parents, teachers, and kids.  These reviews provide opportunities to strategically place your content.


Educational Proprietary Tools and Products:

Emagine-Nation.com provides a growing set of web-based, educational and proprietary tools and products.  Each of these provides unique and targeted opportunities for your customer's engagement with your message or product.


Emagine-It- Blog:

Offers our readers unparalled access to expert advice about the latest trends in education and learning.  We provide opportunites for the right partners to promote their targeted message within our content. 


Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising vehicle for generating targeted leads.  Whether via dedicated email promotions or display ads in our eNewsletters, there is no other more cost-effective lead generation vehicle to reaching our responsive members and your customers.


Dedicated Email Promotions:

Deliver your message directly to our members' inboxes.  These customized advertorials include your message and branding with direct links to your website.


Electronic Media: Videos, Tele-classes, eCourses, Podcasts:

Be a part of our electronic media distribution channels.  Our media is engaging and entertaining.  Our members will enjoy your brief message within the body of our media content.


For rates and more information or to discuss other opportunities, please contact us at partners@emagine-nation.com.



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