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  Sponsorship Opportunities

We work with advertisers to create family-themed sponsorship programs that can be integrated into Emagine-Nation.com's product features.  A typical sponsorship opportunity might include sponsorship treatment customized to your brand that becomes part of the Emagine-Nation.com experience.  To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact sales@emagine-nation.com.



Co-Branding Opportunities


Emagine-Nation.com's unique infrastructure and experience can be co-branded to blend your look and feel with our experience.  Your branded content, products, and community can be customized to provide your customers with a co-branded version of Emagine-Nation.com - it's tools, products, content, and learning environment.  Give your loyal customers the experience of your own Emagine-Nation.com by contacting partners@emagine-nation.com.



Co-Branding Examples:


Co-branding opportunities can include your own customized avatars (or one can be created), a suite of 3 customized rooms built just for you for the kids to play in, and a content room which links to your information, website, or a customized content room that we develop.  In addition, co-branded and site sponsors are displayed on our billboard throughout the site and are always present in the users experience.  Some pictures of the customized rooms and billboard are displayed below.







Emagine-Nation creates opportunities.  The following is a list of those potential opportunities:

  • Content and Section Sponsorships.  Click here for more details/examples.
  • Advergaming
  • Online Events
  • Seasonal or Holiday Sponsorships
  • Contests - ours and yours
  • Custom Concepts
  • Buyers Guide
  • Feature Articles
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Educational Proprietary Tools
  • Emagine-It!-Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Dedicated Email Promotions

For more informaton on each of these, please click here.



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