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Parents and Security


Today's cyber landscape can be overwhelming at times.  Kids know how to navigate the digital waters easily; though, quite often, they don't recognize the dangers that can be present.  Lots of sites promise security...some of which require a steep learning curve.  And, yet, kids figure out how to get around those safeguards.


Our site...

..takes the guesswork and learning curve out of the picture.  We have anticipated cyber threats and genius iKids and have created the highest level of security.


It starts with...

...a predator and identity check.  We go to great lengths to verify that an adult, and not just any adult, is giving permission to join.


It has 3 levels of security: low, medium, and high...all set by the parents.


...High security only allows the student to go directly to the link identified in the browser. Simply put, a student cannot go anywhere unless it is a safe site. It is not possible to go to one site and then get to other sites from there, a typical strategy.  If a student wants a site to be identified as a safe site, they simply forward that information to the parent, who logs into our security program and gives their permission.  This facilitates an open dialogue about what kids are wanting to see.


...Medium security is granted by the parent as their student gets older. It allows the student a certain flexibility in their internet searches and website visits.


...Low security is granted when the parent feels that their students are mature enough to make good cyber decisions.  All of these options are managed in the Security Panel in the Parent Booster Room, found within Emagine-Nation.com.


For more information about our security and the features, content, and services that we've developed for our parents, please fill out the Contact Us Page and check back soon for more information.


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