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Play, Learn, Create & Share


GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!  Every parent has said that at one time or another.  Outside, now, is the whole world to kids.  They can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.  They can learn about things that we never thought possible 25 years ago or that even existed back then.  The rules have changed and we must change with them if we are going to provide the safe and secure environment that they need to play and learn in.  AND, we certainly need those controls to be something that doesn't require a Ph.D. to implement.  Well, we've created it for you.  Now your kids can:


...in a world that is safe and secure.  Our panel of educators, teachers, administrators, school pyschology professionals, and other educational professionals have come together to create a world that:

  • requires approval to connect and communicate with friends
  • play thousands of pre-approved games and watch kid-friendly videos
  • creates, and encourages, opportunities to connect with family members that live in other locations by sharing their creations, recording messages, sending email, and more

...in a world that focuses on learning.  Our educational focus means that we have created opportunities for kids to observe what they are learning while they have fun. We have constructed experiences and content that provides those opportunities.  They can:

  • take web quests about subjects that interest them
  • play educational games that reinforce their subject learning in a fun way
  • participate in activities that feel like games but are learning opportunities
  • watch educational videos
  • connect, collaborate, and share things with their approved friends and family

Kids create in everything that they do.  All day.  Every day.  We know that and we promote that.  Curiosity and the belief that they can approach anything new with confidence is a life skill that we are responsible for assisting them to develop.  And, we take that seriously, as do our parents.  We provide opportunities that let your kids:


  • use technological tools that THEY know how to use but for which most parents are still learning about
  • create their own space in rooms that we provide and for which they customize
  • enter creative contests, share results, and vote on other members' creations
  • produce creative ways to connect with family and approved friends

Sharing is caring.  Isn't that what we teach our kids?  Well, we've provided the tools to do that in a safe and secure way.  Your child will be able to:

  • share their creations with other approved members and friends...creations such as drawings, songs, poems, writings, photos, videos, and more
  • invite others to share thier own creations with them
  • enter contests

Note: Permission to share and communicate requires registration and purchase of the social networking module in order to insure COPPA compliance regarding kids privacy.


It's their world today.  And, it's our job to see that they learn, play, create, and share in a safe and secure way.  We want them to use the internet.  We want them to learn the 21st century tools and skills they'll need to succeed.  We want them to have fun while they explore their world.  And, we want them to remain curious.  We believe that we've created the perfect environment in the World of Emagine-Nation.com for them to do that very thing!  Sign up today!







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