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Once upon a time...


....there was a dream.  And, that dream was that we could close the gap between what students need to learn with how they learn today - with multiple intelligences and literacies.  Our dream was that students' imaginations would catch fire and that they would re-engage in their own learning process because they were engaged in the technology tools they came pre-wired to use. 



We are all co-Creators....

...in our destinies, in our life design, and in our passions.  We have always lived by: "As above, so below".  We believe that, what can be created in our minds and in our hearts, can be created in form.  We believe that form is not perfect and serves only as an indicator of idealized concept and growth opportunity.  We believe that our children have a right to use their curiosity and imagination to create their world, their relationships, and their choices. We believe in how Einstein approached learning when he said,


      "I have never attempted to teach anyone.  I have simply provided the 

       environment in which they could learn."   Amen!


The rules have changed...


Today's students play, learn, earn, and connect in virtual worlds. We believe it's because they are re-creating their lives with an avatar within communities that they build.  They learn the rules...they live by the rules...they censure each other, if necessary.  They co-create content and they share it in unprecedented ways...fearlessly.  They know that the world is at their fingertips; but, they experience anxiety because they don't always understand context.  They do it anyway. They ask for what they want and they expect to get it.  They don't always understand "no" and they are clear they want it "now".  They search for meaning and identity.  They search for opportunity.  They are wired for learning.  How they learn what we teach them is up to them.  Making that job easier is up to us.  


We have a dream....


...and we believe you do, too.  Please join us as we re-engage in our Emagine-Nations.  Contact Us to find out how you can be involved.


Here are two examples...of how far we've come with our digital landscape.  The first example is a video about the anthropology of YouTube, as a way of understanding how students, and others, become co-Creators.  The second video is called "The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes"...a story about one student's challenge regarding the world we are leaving them with.


An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube.


The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 minutes.






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