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The World of Emagine-Nation.com


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Albert Einstein


Well, we agree.  Emagine-Nation.com opens up a whole world of creativity, curiosity, and learning, all at your child's fingertips, organized into one environment.  We focused on the security of the learning environment so that your kids, our parents, and our educators can enjoy the learning experience in an engaging and entertaining way.


Our World of Emagine-Nation.com consists of:


The Emagic8r: our safe and secure, kid-friendly browser.  This tool is so much more than just a browser and kid-friendly search engine.  Representing over 8 years in development, the Emagic8r contains over 1200 games, activities, content, secure search engine, electronic allowance and reward system, social clubs, private email messaging, virtual academy, and more.  AND, IT'S FREE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.  Just contact us about the opportunity to add this tool to your website and product line.  There are no tricks and this isn't a loss leader.  We simply want to create the exposure of our suite of products to your customers.  CONTACT US TODAY and be a part of this opportunity while it's still a ground-floor launch.




Emagine-Nation.comthe latest virtual world for kids of all ages.  It features a virtual world, treehouse full of activities and fun stuff, club house or underground cavern with dozens of rooms to customize, play in, and learn in.  Two worlds designed to be age-appropriate with one massively engaging environment!





The Virtual Academy:  is a learning environment that is a fully visual schoolhouse that features a clinic, classrooms, gym, professional offices, spirit room, bathroom with customized graffiti wall, trophy room, Studio2, cafeteria, and so much more.  Whether you are a home schooler or just want additional educational and fun resources, the virtual academy gives your child everything they need to explore, learn, create, and work in.




Campus Store:  Tired of searching so many sites to find products, solutions, and gifts that are fun and educational in nature?  We've created a Campus Store filled with thousands of items that are kid-friendly for kids of all ages (including you).  Our Campus Store also allows you to set up rewards for your kids through our electronic allowance and reward system.  We know that time is valuable so we've created a one stop shop for all your needs.




Explore the World of Your Emagine-Nation!  Download Emagic8r today!


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